The importance of sleep.

The importance of sleep.

Sleep is a biological need. It is not a luxury or a selfish want.

We all need sleep as much as we need food and water. Sleep deprivations has been linked to an increase in depression, anxiety and relationship difficulties.

The causes of postnatal depression (PND) are not clear, but most experts believe that PND is cause by a combination of factors such as hormonal changes, the demands and stress of caring for a new baby, a lack of support, and of course sleep deprivation.

Research has shown that sleep deprivation affect the behaviour, growth and development of a child. As parents we don’t allow our children to make their own choices regarding what and when to eat. Your child may demand ice-cream for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but most parents won’t give in to these demands even if this means dealing with an angry and frustrated child. This is because most parents value the importance of healthy eating habits and nutrition for our children.

It is equally important to guide our children to better and healthier sleeping habits that will last a lifetime. We should value healthy sleep as much as we value healthy eating habits. I believe in a holistic approach to parenting and sleep coaching. I use proven methods that will suit your child and your family. A well rested child is a happy child and a well rested family is a well functioning family.