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When I contacted Lizl, my son was going through the 8 month sleep regression and we had been facing months of him waking 4-6 times a night and taking anywhere up to 90 minutes to settle for day time naps. Despite doing my own research and following an online sleep training program I was close to breaking point! But as soon as I spoke to Lizl I immediately felt confident that with her expertise and personalised help we could get him back to sleeping well. Right from the start Lizl’s responsiveness and daily support was amazing!  She had a plan ready for me within a day and was available any time I had a question or needed some on the spot advice to implement it (often in the process of settling my son to sleep). We noticed improvements within 3-4 days, and by the end of the first week he was back to sleeping through the night and has continued to do so since. Plus for most of his day time naps he is now asleep within 5 minutes! I can’t thank or recommend Lizl enough for her amazing level of support, her quick responses and exceptional knowledge of sleep training. And of course for giving me my sleep back! Working with Lizl was the best investment I’ve ever made!

Taryn Williams. Original post on Facebook page.

Lizl is professional, kind and compassionate. She has gone above and beyond to help me with my little one’s sleep. Lizl has worked closely with me to find a settling technique I felt comfortable with and has helped me every step of the way. I really appreciate Lizl’s ability to troubleshoot when things weren’t going to plan and she has always been quick to respond and offer support. Lizl is very thorough and offers a holistic view on sleep with her clinical health background. Before I started with Slumber Baby my little one’s day and night sleep was all over the place and implementing any kind of routine was really tough. Lizl walked me through the process gently and I am thrilled with the results. I feel like I have my happy baby back and finally getting a good night’s rest which is worth it’s weight in gold for the whole family. If you are reading this and thinking about improving your sleep situation, take a leap of faith you won’t regret it. Thanks again Lizl!

Paula Jayne. Original post on Facebook page.

Lizl provided us with such an amazing service. All her advice was tailored to the needs of out baby and her availability was invaluable in those moments when sleep doesn’t go to plan! We went from three wakes per night with multiple feeds to none at all – in less than two weeks! Lizl supported us to use a method we felt comfortable with. Her experience as a paediatric nurse is reassuring and she provides insights broader than just sleep. I would happily recommend Lizl to anyone needing some extra support with baby sleeping.

Hayley Menzies. Original post on Facebook page.

I couldn’t recommend Lizl enough! She has been so supportive and helpful through our sleep training journey. Lizl is incredibly patient, answered all my crazy questions and when I was losing it because we were hit with 4 month sleep regression pretty bad, Lizl was there to talk me through it and give me the encouragement I needed to continue.

Lizl is so passionate about her work and you can really tell she loves it. If I could give more than 5 stars I would!

Jessica Henson

Mother, Original post on Facebook page

Prior to approaching SlumberBaby our baby (5 months) refused to sleep at all during the day, we were lucky if she napped for half an hour total during the day. Most of the time her naps were on me or in the carrier, she refused to be put down and would scream until we picked her back up. Her night sleeps were also very average with her waking up every few hours, and not settling until she was fed or rocked to sleep. We were sleep deprived and exhausted.

Fast forward to our contact with SlumberBaby – Lizl completed an assessment and created a personalised plan for us giving several options and techniques based on our choices. She was so informative and helped us to see where we were struggling and things we could do to make it easier for not only us, but our baby too. Lizl was in constant contact throughout the process to check in and see how we were going, offering suggestions and advise to improve our experience.

Our little girl is now having three naps a day! Our lives have literally changed and we are so grateful for all your help. Now that she has learnt to sleep (thanks to this plan) she is so much happier. Thanks so much Lizl!

If you are considering contacting SlumberBaby I recommend you do, they have literally helped change our lives and allowed us ALL to get some sleep – who wouldn’t be happy with that?

Jacinta Renae

Mother, Original post on Facebook page

Thank you so much for all your help in getting a routine going for my little guy. We were having at least 4 wakes a night and now we r down to 1 this is from all your help and guidance. Thank you so much again x

Lisa McStay

Mother, Original post on Facebook page

I came across Slumber Baby while desperately searching Facebook for any help in getting my newborn to sleep and I’m so happy I did. Lizl put together a detailed plan for my 16 weeks old daughter including naps, night sleeps and even how to manage her middle of the night bottle. Lizl was able to adjust the schedule for me when I had to switch from being a stay at home mom, to going back to work and sending my baby to daycare. My baby is now 21 weeks and sleeps from 7 pm to 6.30 am when she wakes up for daycare. I live all the way across the world and Lizl was still able to help whenever I needed her assistance. I recommend her to the highest level. Amanda Koren, USA, original post on facebook page

Thank you Lizl from Slumber baby. You have been a wonderful mentor and a kind person. I am also becoming a certified sleep consultant and that is where I met LIzl. I needed help with my 13 months old son as he was going through a big sleep regression and I still needed to learn about this age. Lizl sorted us out very quickly. She has amazing experience and knowledge about gentle sleep methods. I woudl recommend LIzl to any sleep deprived parents. Zanda Traut, South Africa, original post on facebook page

Magic! Working with Lizl was so helpful. William was only doing short catnaps in the day and were a bit all over the place. At night time he was waking every 40 mins-1.5hrs and id have to rock/pat/feed him to sleep.

Lizl did a review of what we were doing and then gave suggestions and a detailed plan on how to improve Wiliams sleep. Almost immediately we saw a massive improvement and Lizl was available to chat if I had any questions. William now only wakes once a night and his day sleeping is so much more predictable.

Thanks so much Lizl! You’re a lifesaver

Sarah Fong

Mother, Original post on Facebook page

Before assistance from Slumberbaby my 7 months old would not go to sleep till 9.30 at night and wake very regulary!Lizl created a plan specifically for us and gave us the tools to implement a highly effective sleep routine. It was amazing how quickly it worked. I went from feeding my boy to sleep after every wake (at night) and before every sleep during the day, to being able to simply place him in his cot and walk out of the room with no crying and he would settle himself. Whenever I had a question she would respond almost immediately. Her support helped me keep on track. I found the sleep schedule flexible enough to allow me to continue going out and I didn’t feel tied to a rigid routine. If I got off track she would always provide excellent advise to get us back on the right path. It has been an invaluable experience and I would highly recommend this service.

Esther Fong

Mother, Original post on Facebook page

I always thought your sleep coach had to be able to see you face to face, but this is proof that Slumber Baby’s online support is just as effective, as Lizl helped us all the way over here in London, UK.

I used to be happy when my little one had more than an hour and a half of nap time during the day…put together…and the naps were all either with him in my arms or in the pushchair. I was also quite happy with our sleeping routine during the night even if it meant sitting up with him for 30-40 mins in the evening to make sure he is asleep before I put him in his cot and waking 2/3 times during the night…then the 4 months sleep regression hit us and everything went from bad to worse…I was literally settling him back to sleep every 45-60 mins and day time naps were short or non existent.

Lizl has been a brilliant help. I reached out to her and within a day, I had a tailor made plan with a gentle approach in my email inbox to help our 16 week old little one sleep like a star! I felt empowered by all the additional information Lizl provided to help me understand sleep cycles and the needs of my little one and the suggested schedule was a great guide.

He now has all 3 day time naps in his cot. Falls asleep by himself within minutes and at night time self settles to ensure he gets good quality sleep and only wakes once for a feed. My little boy is back to being a smiling happy baby that loves his sleep! Thank you Lizl, we love you!

Michelle Montgomery

United KIngdom, original post on facebook page

I’m not really sure where to begin to thank you for all the help and support you have provided over the last few months.

We started out with a really bad little sleeper, waking up to 4 times a night and rarely taking a nap for more than 45 minutes. In a short period of time things just “magically”got better thanks to all your advice and effort. Thank you so much for sending your sleepy dust all the way from Australia with the best guidance and support andy mommy could ask for. It was a joy working with you. You always made me feel super confident in myself and in control and you were always positive and super patient. OUr little guy falls asleep so quickly and easily and sleeps so much better.

There is only one thing better than a happy baby, and that is a happily sleeping one!

Thanks a mil!!!!

Phia Ras. South Africa, original post on facebook page

Lizl is very passionate and knowledgable. she is great at answering questions and guiding you through each step. I would highly recommend Lizl to any parent looking for sleep support for their little one. Karen Sherlock Hosking, original post on facebook

My 2 year old was a pretty average sleeper, waking for hours every night and I was exhausted! Now after a week of Lizl’s help we have seen such an improvement and most nights our daughter sleeps through. The process is gentle and doesn’t involve leaving my daughter alone to cry – something I never wanted to do. Lizl provides support and advice along the way. Everyone is happier now and I don’t dread night time. Ellenor Mak Shocks, original post on facebook page

As a first time mum I had tried everything from reading books, watching all the YouTube tips adn tricks on how to get baby to sleep through the night. I knew that all babies were different so I gave my little one more time. The more time I gave, the worse her sleeping pattern was getting. At 10 months old I was getting up 3/4 times in the night…I was running on empty and in pilot mode for the whole day! Reaching out to family is one thing but reaching out to a specialist is another and Lizl is definitely a specialist in her field. There was never delayed response from her and all parental requests were taken on board and utilised into the sleeping routine! In a matter of 2 nights we were on track, I couldn’t actually believe it and kept thinking it would fall through. I was wrong. One months later and my partner and I are still having full nights sleep and finally able to enjoy each other as a family. Thank you doesn’t justify how grateful we are of Lizl’s expertise. Danielle Mcguigan

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